YouTube Restricted Mode Question

I embed YouTube videos from on our corporate security awareness and training site. Today while embedding a video, I noticed that Restricted Mode was enabled on the video. I figured that I would simply turn off Restricted Mode using the settings and discovered that as soon as I turned the setting off, it immediately turned itself back on again. Further testing showed that the embedded video displaying on our Intranet site was in Restricted Mode, as well as trying to view the video on YouTubeusing both Edge and Firefox.

However, when I disable Zscaler Internet Access, the videos display correctly in all locations on my corporate laptop. I’m not even aware of any changes that we made in our configuration that caused YouTube Restricted Mode to be enforced for all users of Zscaler proxy. But, as it stands. Someone that can login to our SharePoint site from a mobile phone or home computer can see the embedded videos, while anyone with a corporate device that is configured to use the Zscaler Client Connection/Zscaler Internet Access is blocked from viewing. (Well, you can clear your cache and then get a single view of the blocked video, but as soon as you browse away or refresh the page you get Restricted Mode again).

How have you all dealt with YouTube Restricted mode (for StaySafeOnline videos no less)? Has it blocked training for you? How do you configure Zscaler to not default to Restricted Mode?

Today I was able to test by coming into the office. YouTube is not on restricted mode.

Now I’m looking into our Road Warrior configuration.

Hi TPotter,
Can you check if enforce SafeSearch is enabled under advanced URL filtering policies?

Warm Regards,

Sorry to take so long to get back to you on this one.

Thanks for your help. SafeSearch was configured to Enabled. Your suggestion was spot on.