Z-APP - No Internet access in IE (FF and Chrome work)

(Mark Fellows) #1

We are testing ZAPP in our environment and since installing version Z-APP seems o break internet explorer.

What i mean is that IE can access internal sites but cannot access the internet (google, ip.zscaler.com etc). stange thing is Firefox and Chrome work fine. I have opened a case with support but they are not being too helpful.

Removing the app and reinstalling doesnt help either.

Has anyone else encountered this and if so how did you resolve it?

(Scott Bullock) #2

Hi Mark,
Can’t say I’ve seen this before. It may be a trust setting in IE? What forwarding mode are you using?

Also, can you please DM me your case number?


(Mark Fellows) #3

Hi Scott,

At the moment when on corporate and VPN we are simply enforcing a pac file. When off the network we disable the proxy and IE works. (we are looking to tunnel, but have issues with Trend Micro Officescan Firewall right now).

Right now, it looks like an issue with the App Policy. As soon as we change to a more specific one that is enforced to users by a group IE stops working, but chrome and FF functions fine. When we switch to a global one that assigns to ALL users, IE works. It is very odd. Ill DM you my ticket reference.

(Mark Fellows) #4

Just wanted to let everyone know we solved this issue and the solution was a simple one!

basically, in the forwarding profile where we had set the pac file under “enforce pac” there was a space at the very front before http:my.pac.file.pac.

Seems FF and Chrome can deal with it but IE cannot!

removed the space and everything works as expected.