Zac bot is horrible!


I am just writing here, to tell you hat this bot Zac (or whatever it is named) from admin ticketing portal is one of the most annoying and useless thing that I ever seen in my life. I think this is even worse than Clippy from MS Office. How did anybody thing that it will help or speed anything, since “Create case” is removed and you need to chat with that “thing” first???!!!

I really hope that this abomination will be removed soon, or at least will be optional, as every time I log to there now and have to create ticket, it makes me sick!


Hi Karol, I’m sorry you felt this way about our new Conversational AI chatbot, Zac’s rollout. I understand that any change can be frustrating initially. I hope you will understand that our goal is to answer common questions saving time and effort for our customers while seamlessly passing on complex queries to our support engineers. Please reach out to Support and ask for me if you would like to talk further on this.

Hello Jey,

Thank you for your reply, but I am going to that portal in only one reason, to open support ticket. From what I saw, this bot is only to point some articles form your help database, what can be found without any problems. Maybe there are some scenarios, that this bot can be useful for some beginners, but I have few years experience with Zscaler, and I do not need this. I only makes me to do additional actions, when I just need “create case” button.

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Spot on!!! I do not need a bot to point me to the Zscaler Documentation and Knowledge Base. I can and do this all the time on my own for how-to and trouble-shooting items. As Karol highlights, maybe the bot is useful for Zscaler beginners (actually, I’m not sure why Zscaler wasted $ on this when all that was required was to point folks to Please consider “create case” button.


I think “create case” should be returned if all the bot does it point you to help article. Most times when people visit the support page, they have already reviewed the help pages with no luck.


Thank you, Karol, GregL and EUmeh for the thoughts. I like to update that we are reviewing internally to figure out a balanced approach for both beginners and experienced users like yourself.

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I typically stay out of online forums where any complaining is taking place. However, the chat bot…

Regardless of how useful anyone at Zscaler may see the Chatbot being, please bring back the create case button. I don’t want to talk to an AI bot for something that I know for sure will not be able to be handled by it. I just want to create a case and move on. Or… Just give me an API to create a case and call it a day.


My other suggestion, keep the conversation AI to the ever growing help documentation and give enterprises a real conversation window for quick things like “hey, we noticed x, is this a false positive or something is actively happening”. It’s not like a home user can buy Zscaler.


fully agree… ZAC Chatbot is one of the most annoying things I have ever seen!
Clippy was at least nicely animated and it was possible to change it to a cat!

If you would like to use AI, do it in the background. For example, after I typed in the ticket text, display links to the help pages.

Best regards

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Completely agree.
Chatbot sends us even invalid link once we select “Categorization”.
Also, chatbot cannot deal with attachment file even if Zscaler internal team definitely need the same.

Please restore Create Case back.


Agree it is pretty terrible. Oddly it doesn’t actually work for me at all, I can click the “Start Here” button but nothing actually happens. Not really what you want when you actually do need to raise a support case. This feels like a change they need to quickly revert!

+10000. Just let us create a case. That was the most annoying thing ever to have to go through “Zac” to create a case.

You are MAYBE getting a TINY bit of extra efficiency with forcing people to go through help article options and getting a HUGE amount of annoyed customers. Your support will likely also be getting inbound angry comments that will NOT help their morale.

Agreed. Luckily you can quickly type “open case” and get the case creation form. Had to try different options to find that.

yes, please a submit button. i will never type anything else than “create new case”

Well, there is nothing to add here…

Thank you for all this feedback s here, I really hope that Zscaler will finally make some changes there, as this is so annoying.

And I am not sure if you see correctly, but there is no possibility to attache files directly during ticket creation, but ticket needs to be edited to do so? I spotted it yesterday, but not sure if i missed something due fact that I was creating ticket with my eyes closed as I cannot look at Zac or it is true :smiley:

I agree with everyone who contributed to this thread. ZAC BOT is horrible and very annoying. If your goal was to retract your customers, then it is a massive success. I find it very frustrating to open a case nowadays as I keep walking in circles with its suggestion. Also, once it agrees to open a case and form is populated through the bot it then gives you error… and only after all this struggle it takes you to a good old days page where all data must be populated AGAIN.

Whoever put this into production should hang in my garden as a warning to he market - HOW THINGS MUST NOT BE DONE :smiley: no joke.

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My new life’s mission is to complain about ZAC bot in every meeting I have with Zscaler sales teams, TAMs, SEs, and anyone else who has an email address until it is removed and the create ticket button is restored.


Nobody likes the bot from my firm either. It is of no benefit to anyone yet and just adds time in opening a case.

Have you tried teaching it the three laws of robotics yet? I am still waiting on it to learn.