Zac bot is horrible!

agree with everyone else, the chat bot has never helped with any issues I’ve had to eventually submit a case for.

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I agree that the bot is annoying. We all know how to just do “Create Case” for the more advanced users.

My main beef now is that you can’t do attachments from the Create Case screen.


Yes, I have the same complaint that it is another step as well.

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I fully agree. Please add a “create case” button.

They are listening team! I see the button this morning, but still some programming left as I get this error.

Hello all. I’d like to share some updates here on the attachment and create case button comments. We are still trying to work around certain API-related file limits. Similarly, we are investigating an optimal approach to creating a case in certain scenarios. Please don’t be surprised if I reach out to you for further thoughts! Thank you for your patience in the meanwhile.

I have an open case with support, but we went from session issues back to no button again.

Yes, I’m no longer getting button for Zac Bot anymore.

I was teased with the button back for a week, but it never worked. Support removed it again and we are still with the terrible bot.

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I just open Zac Bot and say submit case to bypass it.

Exactly, good thing everyone knows how to bypass it and not actually use the useless thing. Too bad it is even there to begin with. I am still rooting for it to be removed.

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Zac is not intuitive or helpful. There should be an option to submit a case OR ask Zac. Should not be Zac or nothing!



like others already mentioned, the whole Zac Thing is pretty annoying.

The “workaround” by telling ZAC to open a ticket is also not realy practicable.
1.) Ticket creation often fails via Chat (like when the “Create Ticket”-Button was back - i guess it’s the same problem)
2.) It feels stupid to write useful tickets with technical information in a chat window. It’s just much less practicable than a new Site with a much cleaner GUI.

We also gave quite some Feedback regarding this and other issues with ZAC to our Zscaler contacts to raise the awareness.

I’m also kinda scared that the bot gets reviewed as positive zscaler internally since much less tickets may be generated by us customers, which might look good from a management view.

From a personal experience I make less tickets… but because it’s such a pain, that I often refuse to open a ticket for small things. Instead I will perform other workarounds and will only open one bigger ticket with multiple things (especially if it comes to url recategorization issues).

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I could not agree more with the posts on here. It’s absolutely awful. When I’m raising a case, sometimes under stress, I do not want to have to navigate a stupid bot beforehand. Awful.

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Just wanted to toss my name onto the pile of users that were very disappointed to find the Zac bot in place of the create a ticket option. Take what ever money you spent on Zac bot and put it into more quality support.


Created a Zscaler ticket when I had an issue with ZAC: wrote so many descriptions for an issue and the moment I tried to submit it, it returned with an error. I need to retype the whole things again without able to copy paste whatever I just wrote, and certainly couldn’t remember everything I just typed.

Asked another colleague to immediately create a ticket from her machine and ended up with the same error.

The reply I got from the ticket: “We request you to always initiate a new chat when you will face this kind of error”. Come on, we all know that. Finally close the ticket since I didn’t get any meaningful suggestion.

I tried using Zac just now to see if there was a limit to the number of weird suggestions it would come up with after insisting that I “reword the question”. On tried 8-19, I reworded to “This is the #nth time I have asked you about X - what is it?” and received the same lame list of 3 documents each time. It seems Artificially Unintelligent in that it never breaks out of the “rewording the question” loop. I probably could have gone higher than 19 tries but…

It has been almost 4 months since I have created this topic. I am quite happy to see that I am not only one to think that Z*c bot is annoying and useless.

However I am VERY disappointed by lack of action from Zscaler to improve this. Bot is still there, and I suppose Zscaler just waiting that everybody get used to use that thing.

Hi. It is true that it has been a few months we are on this thread! During this time though we’ve made quite a few improvements based on customers’ feedback. To name a few top ones - (a) free form search vs. structured path approach, (b) compressed the tree structure to present recommendations faster, (c) increased file size limit significantly for attachments, (d) option to expand the chat window almost to half of a full page size for readability and selection, (e) added suggestions of required files for troubleshooting when creating a case; this is to reduce back and forth, etc.,
I wanted to reemphasize that it is our goal to make everyone happy, we might not get to all; that is the nature of it. However, we are considering some key changes to bring back original functionality. These changes will be pushed out before the end of the month, if not sooner. Thank you. Jey

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Happy Friday! Create Case button and link are back!!

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