Zapp Root Certificate Not Installing

We deployed the Zapp and it is not installing the SSL certificate; verified that the policy is set to enable and ‘install the Zscaler SSL Certificate’ upon authentication within the Zapp. Checked to make sure the app was updated and the policy was the correct one. We have not tried manually installing the root certificate, as this would be a pain if we had to expand to the enterprise. Anything we can try to force the app to install or re-install the Zscaler certificate?

Hi Ben,

Which platform are we talking about here?
Note that for Windows and MacOS this should be installed automatically.
iOS we are unable to do this today, and Android requires the user to launch the app and tap install certificate. Unfortunately these are platform limitations.



The devices are all either Windows or MacOS. We’ve double checked the policy to make sure the automatic install is set and it is using the same policy as other users that have no problems.

Is there any endpoint protection product that you use, or maybe GPO restrictions that prevent app from installing it? We’re going through this testing at the moment using vanilla Windows 10 build and ZApp installed certificate without any issues.