Zapp Trafic forwarding Port 8080

We have a problem with the port through which pass the flows.
Indeed we opened the flows to 80 and 443 on the firewall, but we notice that the flows pass through port 8080.
We looked at the logs and on wireshark to check which port the flows are going through and we found that this is port 8080.

Anyone have a solution to this problem ?


You can change the forwarding port in the App Profile PAC to 443.

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Todd Harcourt
Sr. Systems Engineer
Zscaler, Inc.

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hello Todd,

thank you for your reply !
In fact, the forwarding port in the app profile pac is already set to 80
Does it have to be 443 or 80 will it work?

Try sniffing traffic when the station is on another network, public WiFi or cellular hotspot. See if it still goes through 8080… maybe 80/443 is blocked still on the local network.

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I think @Lmay is probably correct in that 80 or 443 is probably blocked somewhere still. ZApp will only forward on 8080 if 80 / 443 are blocked.

Modifying the port in the App PAC file will not alter the port the ZApp tunnel uses.


Nick is correct, Z App will attempt to connect on 443, if this is blocked it will try 80, and then if this is blocked finally it will try 8080.

I’d say in this case, Z App isn’t able to connect on 443 or 80 and this is causing it to try 8080.



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