Zapp Tunnel Mode Z-tunnel 2.0 Domain Bypass

Hello, Community

I am testing Z-tunnel 2.0 bypass setting.
I tried to configure with Best Practice kb, I read multiple times.

In this article, Domain Bypass Configuration section says

You can configure domain-based bypasses with custom PAC files for the forwarding profile and the app profile.

However Domain Bypass seems to be successfully conducted only with App Profile PAC file.

Why does this kb recommend Forwarding Profile PAC?
Does anything problematic happen only with App Profile PAC?

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For me bypass doesn’t work without a forwarding profile PAC. I need to send the traffic to zapp through a Forwarding profile (in fact proxy to to make it work.

In tunnel V1 it was not necessary. Why this change? It’s a pity to have to manage 2 pac files in version 2 to make the same job as in version 1 with only 1 pac file.

Do you plan an upgrade to manage this problem ? and give the same functionalities as in tunnel version 1