ZCaler datacenters utilization report

(Alex) #1

I was just wondering if there is any report from zScaler cloud showing the utilization per datacenter.
If so can it be scheduled via email on daily basis?


(Chandan Agarwal) #2

Unfortunately, we do not show Zscaler DC utilization in our logs.
This feature is currently being considered for development in the next 18-24 months.

(Alex) #3

Ok could you let me know the ER number so I can request my account to be added?

(Chandan Agarwal) #4

ER-1096 is the feature

(Lior) #5

The executive report - CTO Insights briefly shows top data-centers used.

(Alex) #6

Effectively I would need a list of datacenters, which are underutilized, so I can direct my traffic there.

(Chandan Agarwal) #7

Alex, you should always be directing traffic to your closest data centers.
If you are experiencing performance issues, I’d recommend opening a support ticket to get to the bottom of it.

We should have enough capacity in all of our DC’s to handle your traffic.

(Alex) #8

Sometimes we have an issue with ISP which affects the closets DataCenters.