ZCC Testing

We’ve recently deployed this Limited Availability version for testing and noticed issues related to ZPA where our corporate domain is no longer reachable. Mapped drives not accessible, NLTEST checks fail to internal domain, unable to elevate privileges since internal domain is not reachable.

Reverting back to 3.9 resolved the issue.

Has anyone deployed the latest 4.1 version and faced a similar issue?

I’ve got similar problems where none of my AD management tools connect any more.
Just about to revert back to an older version to check.

Reverted back to v3.8 and they all work now.

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Yes, with 4.1 we have the same problem. We have reverted to 4.0.70 and they all work now.

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Engineering is aware of the issue and will be fixed in the next 4.1.x build.


We had the same, we found that enabling “auto discover of MTU for DTLS” caused AD tool/services failure, without it, things work but very slowly (e.g. say about 2 minutes for RSAT DHCP tool to populate available servers)

Just tested out the new build which isn’t in LA yet. Seems to be much better… haven’t run into the issues like we did previously.

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Same issue. This version should be pulled.