ZCC API 'TimeStamp' Issue


We have recently been given access to the ZCC API. I am using PowerShell to run the queries, ‘getDevices’ runs successfully and returns ZCC devices. However, it appears any field with a timestamp is not returning correct results.

Format appears to be ‘DateTime Ticks’. Converting the Ticks, I get wildly incorrect Date and Times. The Tick timestamps appear to be truncated in some form as they are way too short compared to current date/time Ticks.

Anyone else having this issue? I opened a ticket with support and am awaiting their thoughts. Thought I would submit here as well. Thanks.


This doesn’t appear to be in ‘DateTime Ticks’ format, but rather in Epoch format. You can use a site such as unixtimestamp.com to convert this or something like what is shown here to use PowerShell to convert this.


Correct. Time is unix epoch time https://www.epochconverter.com/

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Thanks Brad. That worked.

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