ZCC connectivity issue

we observing internet connected issue with ZCC with laptop users only. whenever system goes to sleep mode that moment ZCC state is “on” but user unable to browse anything. our environment doesn’t have external DNS resolution. We configured tunnel 2.0 and we have excluded DNS hostnames as well as DNS IPs into the app profile.

when issue occur simply we do update policy of ZCC or flush DNS then internet starts working.

do we have permanent solution for this issue?

You can see if you have the latest version of ZCC as there are some bugs:

Fixes an issue where Zscaler Client Connector experienced a connection error after the machine was locked or in sleep mode in some scenarios.

You may also check this as maybe Zscaler is redoing the DNS resolution for proxied traffic and maybe you can check your VPN settings for the DNS if you have VPN agent.

“If a local DNS (i.e., DNS server in Destination Exclude Range) is used, the DNS resolution is performed locally at the client side. Then the traffic is either proxied or bypassed based on the Destination Include/Exclude Range, Z-Tunnel 2.0 Domain-Based bypass configurations, or based on VPN gateway bypasses. For the proxied traffic, Zscaler has an option to redo the DNS resolution.”

Still do capture to confirm that the DNS traffic is not going to Zscaler for some reason and check the Zscaler user logs in the Zscaler console to see if there is info about DNS traffic.

Really appreciate your concern and finding. Currently, I have installed ZCC version but unfortunately the issue is still persist.

Already, I have go through to the these KB article but that is not helpful for me.

could you please more help me on it?

Better contact the support as the issue could be still not resolved for you operational system or device type. Also check if the laptops see the issue only when connected to WiFi or not or if there is any difference if the laptop is connected to power supply or using battery.

Malik does this happen on both wi-fi and LAN cable scenarios ? Someone in community mentioned this before and suggested 2 additional fixes besides the ZCC upgrade. 1) Latest driver update for all your NICs 2) Make sure power-save on the network interface is disabled.


Thanks. I am monitoring the behavior with ZCC version