ZCC for countries without Hubs

Hi, we are starting to use ZCC for our users. Users in countries where there’s no hubs feedback that access to the local country website is slow. Understand that this is due to the traffic going to the nearest hubs. Is there other ways to allow faster access to the local country website

You can install a PSE (Private Service Edge) on premises; either as physical or virtual appliances

Thank you for the suggestion. For PSE, can it also be used when users working from home as 50% of users will be working from home most of the time?

Yes the PSE can be used by both onprem and remote users and at the same time.
But keep in mind that you need to consider that for remote users their traffic effectively is doubled on you ISP line.
On one side it is traffic remote client<->PSE and on the other PSE<->website.
So a download request from client for a 1MB from server will be seen on your ISP link twice, first as inbound traffic (website->PSE) and then again as outbound traffic (PSE->remote client).

Thank you for the details. I have 2 scenarios
1 - User is at home, not connected to VPN and accessing to external website e.g www.microsoft.com
2 - User is at home, connected to VPN and accessing company restricted website
Will the 2 scenarios work with PSE?
Sorry for asking too many questions

this depends on your policies (both ZScaler and VPN and your routing) but in general yes.
As long as firewall access rules and routing allows the (vpn-)client to access the PSE and the ZS policy then allows that client to access www.microsoft.com it should work.