ZCC Linux Ztunnel 2.0 (DTLS) Support?

Hi Zenith Community,

i couldn’t find anything documented on the Zscaler Documentation Guides for ZCC Linux, in regards if it will support Ztunnel 2.0 (DTLS) on any Linux running the ZCC Linux.

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not 100% if it is correct but according to ZCC release notes:

Both Windows and macOS support ZT2-TLS since ZCC v2.0, Linux since v1.0
Both Windows and macOS added ZT2-DTLS support with ZCC v3.0

Couldn’t find anything about DTLS-on-Linux

Hint @ZScaler Team:
Those infos are not really easy to find, short of digging through all release notes :frowning:

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Hi Zenith Community,

thanks @Thomas for your digging and finding of the information in the release notes.

According to Ztec support, DTLS is fully supported without any IPSec Bandwidth Limitation:

Yes, zcc for linux supports Tunnel 2.0 with DTLS.
No, there is no bandwidth limitation in this case.

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