ZCC on IPAD + plane wifi

Running iOS ZCC on IPAD. Users having an issue when connecting to airplane wifi.
Iphone and clientOS works.

We SSL bypassed several of the URl’s but no change.

My first thought is check your captive portal settings. But since it works on some devices and not others, it may not be that simple. Still worth checking your settings:
[Configuring Fail-Open Settings for Zscaler Client Connector | Zscaler]

It seems odd to me that iPhone works and not iPad. I have no experience running ZCC on iPad but I don’t know why behavior would be different on two form factors of iOS. What is the symptom exactly? Does the captive portal / authentication screen try to load and fail or not come up at all?

Captive Portal is set for 10 min. We have recently also included a DNS exclusion for possible URL’s associated with inplane wifi in case resolution is required locally as opposed to publicly. We have some travelers next week to test it out.