ZCC UI Non-Responsive but Connectivity is Fine

We’ve had this issue across multiple versions of ZCC for over a year now, across our entire fleet of laptops, and am finally getting around to trying to tackle the cause.

When a laptop moves between networks, or between wired and wifi, or sometimes when coming out of sleep mode, the taskbar zscaler icon will show a red X, however when you open up the UI, everything shows connected and both ZPA/ZIA are functional. But the UI itself is frozen and does not update. Killing the zsatray.exe process fixes the issue, but it inevitably re-occurs. It really only causes an issue when a user needs to re-authenticate, as they can’t click it, but it is annoying and creates helpdesk tickets from users concerned about the red X. We use tunnel 1.0 and 4.0.7 CC x64 along with tunnel with local proxy. Any ideas?

Jason - this sounds like something addressed in the release notes. It sounds familiar to me. I’ll take a look and see if I can identify the exact version this relates to. What platform are you using?

Win 10 21h1/22h2 x64, ZCC x64 4.0.7, tunnel 1, tunnel with local proxy.

We’ve had this issue persistently across multiple ZCC versions for at least a year now. I just haven’t tackled it to date as it doesn’t really cause operational issues since the connection is there and we just tell users to reboot if they complain about the red X or UI being unresponsive.