ZCC (ZApp) Traffic handling for MacOS, iOS and Androis devices


Except Windows devices which handles traffic with ZCC through ‘Windows Filter Driver’,

How the traffic is performed with the other OS for Mac, iPhone, iPAD and Android devices.



Mac and iOS use route based and I believe Android does too.


Thanks @Jamie_Brown for your feedback

Technically, what is performed on the devices? Modify route table? add route static with lower metric?



Hi Fatih,

Yes ZApp in Tunnel mode installs a Virtual Tap adapter and redirects IP packets to the local ZApp listening proxy.
ZApp assigns as Virtual interface IP and sets route for 100.64/16 subnet.
For ZIA, ZApp sets default route (8 specific routes which on whole acts as default route).

On your Mac just do a netstat command and you will see them all there. I can see the same on my iOS device as well. I use an App called Network Tools from HE.NET which is great for showing info on the iPhone.


Hi Jamie,

Thanks for the details. Have a nice day !