ZCC ZIA Disabled Logs

Is there logs(from Admin Portal) for when a user disables Zscaler Client Connector ZIA.

The point is to setup alerting when someone disables ZCC or even track who disabled it and when.

If someone acheived this using 3rd party tools please share :slight_smile:

What about " Send Disable Service Reason"?


Nice!, was not aware of this but I still can’t see it in the App profile.

Is it limited to certain ZCC version or Portal?

Well I don’t know why you are not seeing the option under the app profile config but it can’t be related to the client connector version as this will obviously affect if the option will work or not. Better ask your Zscaler admin to check with Zscaler and mind that I have checked this option only for windows app profiles but you can check the article for the other operational systems .

as far as i’m aware (and from what my TAM told me) this is one of the features which needs to be explicitly enabled for your tenant.
Not exactly good communicated/documented :unamused: