Zebra TC58 Android 11 ZCC Client

We have a large fleet of Zebra TC58 Android 11 devices using SOTI Mobicontrol as an MDM. Having loads of issues trying to get Zebra Android/SOTI/ZCC 1.9.xx or 1.10.xx clients to work.

Has anyone had any experience with this style of deployment?
ZCC 1.9.xx fails to start after reboot
ZCC 1.10.xx defaults to using 4g sim when wifi is available (device stays connected to WIFI but traffic is sent via 4g)

We run it on Honeywell barcode scanners. It is really a must to use at 1.10. Still not as reliable as we would like but 1.9 was unusable.

Did the 1.9 fail to start? 1.10 we find only prefers 4g sim card even through the devices are connected to wifi.

What MDM do you use?

It would often crash. If it did stay running, it would not connect. Our MDM is Google Workspace. Our scanners are wifi only so I cannot commend on that aspect.