Zenith Live 2019 Conference Training

Attending Zenith Live 2019? Complement your attendance with technical training in one of three areas: Application Transformation, Network Transformation or Security Transformation. These 1-day immersive technical courses contain a mixture of lecture and hands-on labs and will inspire your cloud innovation journey with us.

Training includes:

  • 1-day hands-on certification lab
  • 1-year access to Zscaler Training Portal
  • Access to Zenith Community Beta Program
  • Zscaler Certification

Certification Training Offerings

App Transformation

ZPA Essentials
New or Existing ZPA Administrators
Get hands-on experience using Zscaler Private Access and Zscaler App to provide secure remote access to applications in the data center and public cloud as an alternative to VPN. This is the hands-on lab of the ZCCP-PA certification. If the online pre-work is completed in conjunction with the lab, a ZCCP-PA certification will be granted.

ZPA Masters

Existing ZPA Administrators - ZCCP-PA Certification recommended
Building on ZPA Essentials, this deep-dive lab will focus on advanced Zscaler Private Access use cases, including shadow IT discovery of internal apps, securing third-party access, and integrating multiple IDPs for mergers and acquisitions.

Network Transformation

ZIA Networking Masters
Network teams deploying SD-WAN and/or Zscaler App In this hands-on lab, we will do a deep dive into setting up authentication and traffic forwarding with leading SD-WAN partners for secure local internet breakouts and Zscaler App for secure mobile access.

Security Transformation

ZIA Security Essentials
Security teams
This lab is a combination of classroom instruction and an in-depth exploration of Zscaler cloud security services, including SSL inspection, as well as threat coverage best practices and a threat hunting exercise using the Zscaler Admin UI.

ZIA Security Masters
Security Operations Team
Building on ZIA Security Essentials, this advanced workshop, run by our Zscaler ThreatLabZ research team, will consist of a series of hands-on labs, such as using APIs to integrate Zscaler logs into SOC workflows, threat hunting, and reconstructing the kill chain after a simulated attack.

Conference Training Dates

Las Vegas, NV | Monday, September 16 | 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Lisbon, Portugal | Wednesday, 02 October | 8:00 to 5:00 pm

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When completing one of the Master courses do we obtain the ZCTS certification or is it another path that can be obtained during the conference.

Can you provide more on what to expect in the breakout sessions during the conference.


Hi Omar,

The ZPA Essentials course will grant the ZCCP-PA (once the pre-req online training is completed). The others courses will grant the Zscaler Cloud Transformation Specialist (ZCTS).


Hi Omar,

Topics and abstracts for our breakout sessions should be up on our Zenith Live site under agenda
https://www.zscaler.com/zenithlive/2019-americas/agenda or https://www.zscaler.com/zenithlive/2019-europe/agenda


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If I want to change my class on Monday (zenith live) how do I go about doing that. Or who can I talk to confirm which one make the most sense?

I’m on the waitlist for the ZPA Essentials course and have completed the online pre-work. I just hope that I can get in. See everyone at the Venetian

How does one get access to the BETA portals that we have from going to the Training?


Hi @tsimson, if you look on the front page of the community you’ll see the preview community with a lock symbol, as it’s only visible if you are in the beta group, which you should be. If you are not seeing it please let me know:


Can’t see it in the front Page.

Hi @Omar unless you’ve been invited or signed up for training at Zenith Live you won’t have access to the beta platform or community.

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