ZIA connection Filtering

Hello Everyone, is URL redirection possible on zscaler ZIA. For example, can we redirect the traffic for any link accessed to a completey different link on zscaler.

Hi Vinay,
Yes. This is possible. You can configure Action with “Caution with Redirect” or “Block with Redirect” based on your need. Please refer to Configuring the URL Filtering Policy | Zscaler for more information.


Thank you Mr Koay for the help!!
With the above solution, we need multiple url categories for different redirections. Can they be merged in one?

For eg -
https://abc to https://def
https://123 to https://456

Hi Vinay,
You need to configure two separate policies for your use case since they are being redirected to different url.

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Thanks again Mr. Koay. Much appreciate your efforts.