ZIA deployment through Cloud

Hi All,

My org is planning to send all the internet traffic from my aws/azure workloads to ZIA. Currently it’s going through our virtual palo firewalls. Can anyone suggest the Zscaler recommended way to enable this.

I am thinking of creating GRE tunnels to ZIA from our virtual firewall and add new locations for AWS workloads.

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Hi team,

You can use cloud connectors from AWS and Azure to forward to Zscaler ZIA or ZPA

Hi Ramesh,

Thanks for your reply.

Could you please provide the names for these connectors and if there is any deployment guide. I can find only 3rd party Maidenhead bridge connectors.

Also, if you could suggest why are these connectors better than deploying a tunnel from our virtual firewalls.

Thanks in advance

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This will help you : https://help.zscaler.com/cloud-connector

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