ZIA from HK to China

Hi i am looking to help a prospective customer who is currently routing traffic originating in China to HK’s ZIA and presently they have some bad network performances because the route involves 2 encapsulations: IPSec (China to HK) and then GRE (to ZIA).

If i can move them from HK to one of your nodes in Beijing or Shanghai, then we can potentially drop IPSec and just config GRE to ZIA… hence may i know if you have ZIA available in your China datacenters? Thank you.

Hi @darrylchiewm welcome to Zscaler community.

We do have ZIA in China, however, it’s a premium region which requires a surcharges be paid per china based user.

You can find the nodes listed here -->. https://ips.zscaler.net/cenr

This paper discusses Zscaler in China --> https://www.zscaler.com/resources/white-papers/zscaler-in-china-tech-note.pdf

Hope these help steer you in the right direction.


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Thanks Scott. Will take a look and if it’s possible to share the costs with me. Thanks again.

Any commercials will require interaction of the customers account team. Feel free to DM info and I can get you connected.

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Yeeks, i couldn’t find the DM button… :sweat_smile: