ZIA High Packet Loss for Many Users


Hi All,
I’m currently working with Zscaler support on this but also hoping someone can shed some light on what I am seeing. My company is currently deploying ZCC to our employees, most of which are working remotely - concentrated in the US but also spread throughout Europa and Asia. A large number of our users are showing poor performance scores in ZDX and I can see large amounts of packet loss when looking at the Cloud Path metrics in ZDX.

In some cases, I am seeing large packet loss at the ZIA Public Service edges. In the example below there is 36% packet loss after hitting the ZIA service edge. Additionally, there is a high loss when hitting the TeliaCompany servers. I find this odd since this user is based out of Austin, Texas USA but appears to be routing through Telia servers in Warsaw, Poland. I have been seeing this pattern with almost all of our users that have poor scores in ZDX.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what is going on or can help me better understand what I am looking at here?

Additional info: our users are all macOS-based, running ZCC version on Tunnel 2.0