ZIA NSS for Web and NSS for Firewall

Hi Guys,

I have deployed NSS VM in our environment. Also on ZIA portal, I have added NSS for Web and NSS for Firewall servers as we need both feeds forwarded to SIEM. It looks in portal each server has itsown certificate. Do we have to upload both certificates to NSS VM? If so we use default name NssCertificate.zip both certs when copying or we have to rename them?

Hi @wick54 each VM needs to have the its own unique client certificate and key. The name of the zip file doesn’t matter.

does that mean I need to deploy 2 VMs. 1 for NSS Web and another for NSS Firewall?

as far as i’m aware there is no option to install just one NSS to handle both web and firewall feeds in parallel