ZIA on only with ZPA on

We have the need for one specific scenario in Zapp

Enable ZIA only when ZPA is connected

Any ideas if there is any configuration supporting this ?

Hi George,

I can’t think of a way to configure this immediately. We do have an ER being tracked (Roadmap, but no ETA currently), to lock the two services together. So that if ZPA is turned on, ZIA is also, and also the inverse if ZIA is turned on, ZPA is too.

Can you maybe outline the use case for me? Maybe there’s another way we can solve it.



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Hi David,

User privacy is the use case here, so when ZPA is on and user accesses internal resources also the Internet resources are secured with ZIA on. But when ZPA is off the user browses Internet resources without going via the Zscaler proxies

Another use case - which I think you have in mind - is to enforce ZIA when ZPA is on. Currently if by policy ZIA is on in Off-Trusted Network and user can turns it off, it is not ensured that the next time ZPA is turned on ZIA will also turn on. Either the user has to do it or have the re-enable ZIA option on but then you rely on the timeout set there


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