ZIA - Tunnel 2.0 + Bloomberg via Internet

Hi there,

We are just checking with Tunnel 2.0 and ZIA. How do we allow custom ports outside the 80/443 range to be permitted for the likes of Bloomberg?

Do we need to follow and add custom ports such as: Configuring Custom Ports | Zscaler ?

Keen to hear if anyone has got Bloomberg via Internet fully working through ZIA using Tunnel 2.0 without any bypass at all.


Hi John,

That link you’re referring to is for customers with the standard firewall and it details which ports should be sent to the proxy for processing. The NGFW should pick up these protocols by default and send them to the proxy regardless of which port they are on.

ZTunnel 2.0 will send all ports and protocols to Zscaler by default (although I recall there is a setting around DNS). The proxy traffic (generally on the ports on the list) will be processed by the proxy and the other traffic by the firewall.

I think the Bloomberg traffic however requires a SOCKS proxy from memory. Zscaler does not support SOCKS so regardless of getting it to the service over ZTunnel 2.0, we won’t process it.

Thanks yes understand with Tunnel 2.0 - we wouldn’t require the SOCKS proxy - well that’s the thought process.

Bloomberg is functioning when we have whitelisted additional source ports (custom port ranges).

Was keen to just hear if anyone has tunnel 2.0 with Bloomberg 100% functioning without SOCKS.

Hi John,

We are using Bloomberg Anywhere on Tunnel 2.0 by allowing the custom port range but full functionality is only possible using Full VPN/ZPA due to our direct lease lines to Bloomberg.

Hope this helps