ZIA UI improvements

Hi - been using ZIA for a year or so now and there are a few UI enhancements I’d like to see -

  • Share dashboard widgets between users, force certain widgets to appear for all users
  • In the “URL Filtering Policy” view, click through to editing of URL Categories directly, rather than having to go locate them in the “Administration → URL Categories” view
  • Save custom Insight Logs searches, and easily get back to them
  • In the Insight Logs view, the timeframe options “Last 1 Minute” and “Last 2 Minutes” seem pointless to me, as the logs take longer than this to update?
  • In the Insight Logs view, filter on Policy Action? This is available for the other columns, so seems a weird omission
  • Ability to start trials of Zscaler subscription options straight from the UI

Anyone have anything else with the ZIA UI which they think could be improved?