ZIA with Hyper-V on Win10

Hi together,
some of our customers uses Win10 with ZIA Client-Connector. On the WIN10 Plattform they installed anouther WIN10 Envirnonment on Hyper-V.
During Provisioning the Hyper-V Virtual Machine some of the Settings of ZIA ClientConnecter were ignored.
We configured some Bypasses in the VPN Bypass Settings. This settings were ignored and traffic walk throw Zscaler Environment.
Has anybody the same results?


Hi Thorsten,

I use Windows 10 in a Hyper-V environment almost every day for testing. My host machine has ZCC enabled in ZT2.0 mode. Traffic is routed out directly to a router - it does not pass through the host machine’s ZCC.

I’d personally try removing those VPN bypasses and add them into a Forwarding Profile PAC. There can be some nuances with DNS resolution when placing them into the VPN bypass list

There are a few things to consider here:

  • Is the NIC configured as Internal or External? (Internal is referred to as NAT in VMWare terms, which means all traffic will use the host machine as the gateway. External = Bridged, which means effectively another machine on the network, separate DHCP leases etc)
  • Have you performed a trace directly on the machine to see where the traffic is flowing?
  • Is the host machine authenticated with ZIA via a PAC file, or is it using ZCC?
  • Which tunnelling method is the Virtual Machine using within ZCC?


Hi Sebastian,
our Mobile Clients uses WIN10 with Agent 3.2 ZT2.0.
INet Access direct via WLAN and local SoHo DSL Router.
We added the Bypass in the VPN-Bypass Exception and APP/FWD Pac File.
The Virtual Machine has the Bypass Problems only during the Installation/Provisioning.
At this Moment, there is only the ZIA Agent on the Host System active.


I’d remove them from the VPN bypass first as ZT2.0 doesn’t support FQDN bypasses, could you obfuscate and post the config you’re using in the FWD and APP profile?

Does it work as expected with ZT1.0 (VPN Bypass only and vanilla PAC) or is it the same scenario?