ZPA API resource roundup

Hi all,

I’ve had a couple conversations recently around use cases for automation / orchestration / integration using the ZPA API, and I pulled together a bookmark list of resources in that space… figured it might be useful for others as well!

To start with, our ZPA API help docs have some terrific API coverage, ranging from getting started tips and prerequisites, to a comprehensive API reference, to a developer’s guide with specific details for various use cases.

If you don’t want to create your own Postman collection, @maneeshsahu has you covered, with a public collection

@boris.gekhtman shared a great example of the power of API integration with ServiceNOW

And @wguilherme has a bunch of great uses for his Terraform provider:

Any other tips, tools, or favorite resources? Please share in the replies!

Be well,


Check out the great work @mkelly is doing with pyZscaler as an SDK for both ZPA and ZIA APIs. Well organized and some helpful features that make developing around the APIs a lot easier.