ZPA APP Connector

Hello Everyone,

i have a question about the “APP connector” in the Zscaler Private Access.
is it mandatory to install it inside each platform that contains applications?
so for example, if i have applications in AWS or Azure, should i reserve resources also for the app connector?

You don’t need to but it’s good practice to install App Connectors close to where your applications are hosted.

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you don’t need to but i would reccomend

You could of course setup a ZPA connector somewhere in your office and have ZPA users then accessing your eg Azure-hosted stuff through an expressroute you have in between office and Azure.
Works but far from optimal…

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Hi Gordon & Thomas,

thank you for your response.
i have another question, as per Zscaler recommendations, do I need an app connector for each application or is it doable to run multiple applications behind one connector?
is it dependent on the network reachability, so each segment group on the same network can work behind the same app connector?

@mohammad.mohammad , you can run multiple applications behind an app connector. Usually, it is recommended to have app connectors deployed in pairs. Each App Connector supports up to 500 Mbps of throughput. App Connector Deployment Guide for VMware Platforms | Zscaler
You can then monitor the health of app connectors to understand if there is any need to deploy additional app connectors at any location. ZPA now provides health monitors:
About Notifications | Zscaler

you can have your whole internal corporate domain ‘behind’ a single ZPA connector (better at least a pair, for redundancy reasons).

There are some limits though:
Ranges & Limitations | Zscaler

If you want to properly monitor everything here is the starting point:
Monitoring App Connector Performance | Zscaler