ZPA business edition Multiple IdP support

ZPA business edition does not support multiple IdP. If an organization has different tenants / instances of of same Azure AD. Will it be considered as multiple IdP or single IdP and gets supported out of business edition?

Hello Sarabinder,

If we configure more than 1 IDP in the Zscaler portal then that would be treated as multiple IDP configuration.


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But if the same IDP is able to return different Auth-domains then it would be considered 1 IDP. In other words: if you connect to the same AAD tenant you’ll be fine, if these are two tenants, both running in AAD then you’ll need two IDP definitions in ZPA

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What do you mean it doesn’t support it? You can add multiple IDPs for users in zpa business. Just did it yesterday for 2 environments. 1 had 2 separate azure ad tenants and 1 had okta and azure ad.

Did you add multiple IDP through add on?..

Just hit the plus button in the top right hand corner.

Thanks Trace. I was told by zscaler account team to purchase add on in business edition since only 1 IDP gets supported. But going by your comments it seems we still can add more IdPs in business editions…