ZPA Chrome is not always going to the proper site

Have a customer when using ZPA and Chrome and they try to go to an internal web site it does not always load properly or go where we intend. For Edge and other browsers everything seems to be working great.

I came across the fact that Google automatically uses Async DNS which will use DNS over HTTPS instead of the DNS servers specified by the operating system. My assumption this is overwriting what ZCC is doing DNS wise at the OS as well. The client has implemented this change on two machines that were randomly having the problem.

(BTW 8 days later and the change for Async DNS seems to solve the issue. I’ll mark this solution as the answer at the end of the week if this keeps up.)


Check out Mark Ryan’s post on a similar issue.

Thanks for this @cengrem if my other idea doesn’t work I’ll try this!

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until the major OS’es all support DoH and alike natively it might be the better solution to simply block that; alternatiively setup an own DoH instance internally and configure user browser to use that one.
If nothing else than for the sake of getting a deterministic behaviour in your environment.

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