ZPA cli command to show app segments?

I am working on a list of impacted websites that go thru our ZPA side mainly because they have to be sourced anchored to the NAT running out of that particular location. It is about 50 or so websites (“applications”) under that app connector group. Is there a method on the actual app connector to show a list of applications under an app segment?

For example: I hop on an app connector > type some like “sudo show app segment1 detail” and a list of apps under that app segments is listed.

Just going to the view or edit in the GUI dashboard will not suffice because only about 10 or so are displayed and then you have to scroll.


Not on the App Connector, no. The best thing to do would be to implement the API. You could use the API to access the App Segments, filter by Name or ID, or App Connector Group, and return all the FQDN’s in the App Segment.

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thanks. i haven’t really played with APIs to manage and monitor the infrastructure. I will take a look a tthat.

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