ZPA: Client to Client Communication

We are running an application that require client to client communication at a location/vlan. Does ZPA have a way to allow/whitelist C2C communication for a given application?

Since you define the application in ZPA by name, protocol/port etc. the Peer to Peer traffic related to some application should not be intercepted by ZPA. Is this only traffic local to the network, or do you want remote users to be able to connect peer-2-peer?

Is this really user to user traffic. Is there any central server involved in setting up these connections. Do you know the networks/IP address and networks related.

Remote users (not connected to the same physical network) will not be able to communicate peer-to-peer via ZPA, since clients are no longer connecting to a network.

Let me know if you have additional information or questions.

Marco PC
Customer Success Engineer

I noticed today there’s a new field in ZPA logs. Is this an upcoming feature? Client - client? Connector to connector?