ZPA connecitvity dropping on MAC during interaction with http:\\localhost

We are using ZPA (and ZIA) on windows and Apple Mac (OSX) devices.

We have a scenario which is only occurring on mac computers. The same works on Windows machines.

We have an on premise web application (standard port 80) which we access via ZPA without issue.

Part of this software / solution involves a local adobe plugin running on our client computers which runs as a local web service on TCP 8088. Using Adobe illustrator, our staff save images using this local plugin, which interacts with the web service it installed at http://localhost:8088. This local service then connects to the web application we are publishing via ZPA (port 80).

On windows computers this works as expected, and the plugin communicates with its local service, which in turn connects to port 80 on the web server in our datacentre (via ZPA)

On a mac, this works only on very small files which take a few seconds to trasfer. For larger files in Adobe illustrator, the file fails to save. It loos like the connection from the local web service > TCP port 80 on the web server in the datacentre is failing. Furthermore, when the transfer / connection fails, ZPA on the MAC dies, and no applications are available. After a minute or so, connectivity with business applications is restored (no errors are observed in the Zscsler client)

It seems that the Zscaler client is crashing somehow, or at least the ZPA application tunnel is lost, as there is no other access available at that time, but I dont know what is causing this.

Did you ever figure this out? I have something similar going on.

I didn’t ever really figure out what was happening , but the pre release version which was released soon after I posted fixed it.

It’s never reoccurred on the latest versions