ZPA connect to Azure Analysis Services

Hi there,

We have been using Zscaler ZIA/ZPA for several months and so far so good. One resource which I am looking to ‘Zscaler’ (it’s become a verb within our company) is an Azure Analysis Services instance.

The issue is it’s access URL is something like this:

asazure://<azure region>.asazure.windows.net/<instance name>

I don’t seem to be able to get zscaler to grab the connection. I created an application/segment, specified a pair of connectors, added the public IP of those connectors to the firewall whitelist on the Analysis Services instance.

When I connect it tells me my client IP isn’t listed in the firewall so I know it’s not coming from the Connector.

Any ideas?



Dan, are you accessing through SSMS client? If so, it might be handy to generate a pcap on your device and review the domains in the DNS requests.

Kunal Shah
Principal Product Manager
Zscaler Inc.

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