ZPA Connector connecting to a choice of Service Edge

Hi guys, i was wondering since ZPA connectors automatically looks for the nearest Public Service Edge to connect to is it possible for it to pre-set which Service Node for it to connect to ? E.g. For some reasons its a policy for the companies to use local country Cloud instead of it flowing into other countries.

Yes, you could force the Connector to connect to a specific ZPA SE by manipulating the Connector’s location in the Dashboard (just place its coordinates in the same area as the ZPA SE you want it to connect to) or (only do this for testing purposes) by manipulating how ‘any.broker.prod.zpath.net’ resolves.

However, this only influences the Connector-to-ZPA-Cloud control channel; ztunnels will still be build to the ZPA SE that the end-user is connected to. In other words: you won’t be able to guarantee that specific traffic is only handled within a single region/country

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How about client connector connecting to only a specific Service Node?