ZPA connector down alert

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Is there any way we can get alert of connector service is not running or connector is disconnected from zpa cloud ?

We just use normal SNMP and Netdata to report on availability and performance.

Is there a way you’re actually reporting on if the connector is disconnected? We have SNMP monitoring, but this is bringing back server uptime which is not necessarily in relation to being connected to the Zscaler cloud.

We are looking at load on the connector. If it drops below 1Mb/s we know there is an issue. Our dashboard changes colour and it generates an event in our Teams support channel.

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This is a good idea thank you. Just need to figure out why some of mine aren’t reporting interfaces via snmp.

hi @GordonWright
which information (IP, community?; …) you need from snmp tool and what configuration (package, …) you’ve done on connectors for monitoring?

We are mostly using Netdata to pull all the performance stats and SNMP for up/down reporting.

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