ZPA/Connectors Backups

Hi All,
What backup capabilities do we have for zscaler zia/zpa/connectors?

There was a problem where a connector group removed was removed by accident and with that all applications. We are getting it rebuilt manually by our provider but is there a way to backup it up on a regular basis?

I found the following reference Evidence of Backups & Recovery but not a lot of information there that I can see.

I also found https://help.zscaler.com/zia/about-backup-and-restore but that seems only related to ZIA.


I’m hoping the API will provide some of this capability.

I am new to ZS but if backing up (segment applications, segment groups etc.) is not an option I honestly see that as a BIG pitfall and the issue we had was a good example of it.

Lack of attention from the people involved and boom…major issue that required manually rebuilding the application segments etc.

An ISP manages the ZS solution for us and I have read only access to the portal so may have some “viewing” restrictions.

There is no backing up option for application and server segments as of now.