ZPA Diagnostics not showing users if fail device posture first try

I have found when a user connects for the first time and does not pass device posture checks they never show up for me to filter for their username in diagnostics. Typically the first thing I do is username=x in diagnostics but they cannot be found.

I only found this work around to find them to diagnose the issue. I go to dashboards/user on the right under USERS BLOCKED BY POLICIES. I usually can find them listed there near the top and there I can click them and it takes me to diagnostics where I can indeed see them and their issue. If I clear that filter and try to just filer based on username again they cannot be found.

Is this by design or a bug? I went ahead and opened a case because it appear to be the actual search as the issue with username field. The query language works fine.

Paul, this sounds like a bug. If the user shows up when clicking on USERS BLOCKED BY POLICIES, it means the user exists in the ZPA systems. So there should be no reason for the user to not show up when querying directly in Diagnostics. Can you please open a support case, so that Zscaler can review this further?

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