ZPA License Bundle

In comparison of Zscaler ZAP bundle between Professional & Business, the main difference is between the Micorsegmentation by Application.

Would like to understand what is Microsegmentation by Application in ZPA ?
I want to choose the right License bundle, so want to know what is this ?


Any support & inputs

@rajeev_srikant In the ZPA Configuration there is Application Segment section where you can group multiple applications. The number of application segment is limited to 5 in the Pro while the same can be 6000 in business.

You can have any number of applications but only 5 segments can be created in Professional. This is a direct replacement of the traditional VPN solution.

Thanks Rajesh

Could you please let me know what is purpose of this segmenting ?

My understanding is for having common polices.
For ex if I have 100 applications, I create 5 Application segment & in each segment there will be 20 applications.

So for each application segment I can have define separate polices.
Segment # 1 - Group 1 users allowed access
Segment #2 - Group 2 users allowed access

Let me know if my above understanding is right.

Any inputs or help
I am looking to select the right bundle. So need to clarify the segmentation part.

The major difference between Professional & Business is segmentation.
Is there any clear explanation or differentiation between these 2 to select the right license.

Rajeev, the detailed differences between the different bundeles are highlighted in the ZPA datasheet - https://www.zscaler.com/resources/data-sheets/zscaler-private-access.pdf

Let me know if you have any questions.

Hi Kshah

Thanks. I saw this link, but i am not able to understand the difference between the 2 types of Microsegmentation for applications. I need some explanation to understand this.

Hi Rajeev,

Your example is correct however if you needed 10 x Access Policies for different groups of users, targeting 10 apps each, then you’d need 10 Application Segments. In that case you’d need Business Bundle.

Hi Jamie

Thanks. Is there any reference link or document which explain this in detail could you please share ?


Hi @rajeev_srikant.

You can find details about application segments here --> https://help.zscaler.com/zpa/documentation-knowledgebase/applications/application-segments

Per the data sheet, you can configure 5, or 6000 of these segments, depending on your license. Obviously, Business Bundle allows for far more segments to be configured, which by extension premise much more variation in policy (App Segments are a key criteria in ZPA policies).