ZPA mutiple tenant support?

As ZPA is adopted by more of our customers they are also using ZPA. This is making it challenging for our remote work force having to logout of our ZCC and then login to ZCC again to access customer resources and then log back into our ZCC/ZPA.

Also I will add when they login to the customers ZPA they don’t necessarily have ZIA protections etc. So I think there may be a better way to accomplish this.

Are there any plans to support multiple zpa tenants so users don’t have to completely logout?

Good morning Paul,

Yes we are aware that this is an issue and we are working on supporting this in an upcoming release. I am not in a position to say when, but we have several customers that have asked for this very capability.



Business Partner Access / Access Multiple ZPA Tenants Simultaneously, was touched on during the recent Zenith Live. I was recently told that it is in the early planning stages. You may want to request to be added to the Enhancement Request (ER-3799).

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Please share status of ER.

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Any update on this (ER-3799?

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