ZPA Prod to test tenant sync script

Hoping someone has run into this use case already. I’m in need of a way to synchronize, on demand, my production ZPA tenant with my test ZPA tenant. I have been thinking about trying to utilize the terraform provider but I believe I need a way to normalize some of the items that could be different between the two tenants. Things like domain, groups, authentication config, etc…

I’m open to other ways of doing this outside of terraform if a script utilizing the api would be better.

Thanks in advance!

Ben ,

We do have our ZScaler API talkers upstream at zscaler-api-talkers · PyPI which can be used as a substrate to build what you are asking for

Happy to help implement this if you need help!

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Attached is an image for running a setup where we grab all of the application segments in prod and then move them to the dev tenant. Depending on your use case there might need to be some generic coding built around how to handle changes and over writes, but more something you can decide on a case by case basis.

Hope this helps you!