ZPA Up Before Windows Login


We are looking for a case where PC connects to Domain Controller (Sing in to the Network) before the user logs in to Windows.
It will be used for newly created machines where the users domain password is still not cashed.
We can see VPN clients support this feature.


Hi Omar,

While we currently don’t have the ability to connect ZPA prior to Windows login, we do have an alternative method to handle cases like this! There is an app note in our help portal addressing remote domain join, password change, etc.

Hope this helps,


Trying the option to sign In to ZPA then run any program as a different user cashes the users domain password which achieves our goal.
Thanks for the link.

Having the option to sign in to ZPA from the Windows login feature could be useful please consider it.


Please implement this feature on the login screen Zscaler! We use LAPS to manage local admin accounts. Sometimes the passwords just get messed up. If the user cannot login with their local password then they are screwed. We keep our old firewall and vpn client around just for these scenarios and I would love to get rid of all that old infrastructure.


Same situation here.