ZPA ZApp for Linux required


Due to COVID-19, we’re running upwards of several thousand daily ZPA clients on Win* right now, but have a cluster of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS clients that are forced to use alternative access methods. Not having ZPA on these developer devices is inhibiting efficient testing and debugging of ZPA related issues experienced by the wider Win* client base.

@dcreedy - could do with new news regarding progress and release dates please.



Another bunch of Linux users. Mixed Fedora/Arch/Ubuntu environment. Anything x86_64 will do actually.


I haven’t seen anyone else mention the need for cloudready support. This is something we are moving a lot of systems to for regular employees. Cloudready doesn’t support Android apps like most ChromeOS so the Android app will not work on cloudready.


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We have over a thousand Linux users and are unable to roll our ZPA or ZIA Mobile due to unavailability of the Linux client.

We use Ubuntu for the most part - some 16.04LTS but mostly 18.04LTS with MATE desktop.

Would love to participate in early access program.


In my humble opinion a simple proxy endpoint like those that exist for windows:
https://github.com/genotrance/px would be sufficient.

My idea would be a simple executable that relays on libkrb5.so for authentication with possible fallback to username and password. That opens a proxy port on the local system where all developer tools (pip, npm, gem, nuget, git, svn, …) can connect too.

From support today 2020-05-04
Hi Roger,
Unfortunately, currently, Linux is not supported at all. There is an Enhancement Request ticket created which will add the Zscaler APP support for the Linux environment.
Current status says that this feature is on Zscaler’s radar and is being considered for implementation (within the next 18 months).

Is there any chance of a timeline on Linux support? With WFH we’re hitting issues (especially around trying to use AWS VDIs) because of the lack of Linux support.
Surely a roadmap for this long awaited feature isn’t too much to ask for?

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Wow, this is really disappointing.

Hi all,

Just an update that development is still going well with this. This is in active development but we aren’t at a point where we can open a beta to the public (yet). I will definitely update this thread when I have a date for that and can start to collect participant data for a public preview.

Appreciate your patience with this.




+1 Fedora 31 / RedHat 8 here

Glad to hear that development is going well - I take it from this that the response given to Mr Bergling by the helpdesk is out of date.

While I appreciate that this is a tricky piece of work and just supporting a beta program is probably a significant undertaking, from the outside AIUI there is still no commitment we can refer to so our own plans are being disrupted.


Adding my $0.02 here… the company I work for has got a lot of engineers working from home during the pandemic, and could really use a Linux based client.

openSUSE Leap 15.1 - would be our primary
Ubuntu 16+ - secondary
Debian 10 - tertiary




We internally use Debian stable (currently 10.4 as of May 2020) and Ubuntu LTS (currently 20.04 LTS as of May 2020).

For graphical environment, we use GNOME and window managers including i3 and xmonad.

Ideally it would be great if zscaler can provide a APT repository to install ZPA ZApp. But a .deb would also work.


Unless the can do better than 18 months I suspect I won’t be the only person asking about moving away from ZScaler!


Arch, Debian, Ubuntu are in use here.

Even a docker or LXC container would be helpful.

I would happily Beta test a Linux client. Ubuntu 20.04 is my prefrence, but I would try with most any modern distribution.

Hi David

Prospective customer - love the solution as it stands on the Windows/macOS side but can’t commit without a Linux offering.

Would love to see a client for Ubuntu 18.04LTS+, as well as Fedora 29+.

Will keep an eye on the thread.


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Hi Zscaler!

Any update team?


Hi Folks,

Seems like lots of people are waiting. Any update or ETA on this team ?

Hi all
I am looking forward to the linux support.
A gui is not needed in the first step.
Why not put everything on a github repo?


Another metoo from an Arch user who would also gladly beta-test