ZPA ZApp for Linux required

@tharcourt you’re right, it was the firewall. I opened TCP ports 9000 and 9010 for zstunnel application, and (guessing) also UDP ports 30000:60000, since I saw that UDP ports were changing every time I connected. Is that port range correct?


Glad to hear…. Take a look at this page to see the outbound port requirements. https://config.zscaler.com/zscaler.net/zscaler-app

However, these are outbound to Zscaler requirements. The ports you are referencing look to be to the Localhost destination. Port 9000 is the listening port for the application, and is probably the only one you need to open.



@tharcourt you’re right, the only needed port you need to open, if you use a local firewall like ufw, is TCP 9000

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Hello @tharcourt ,
I’m testing ZScaler-app for linux with Ubuntu 20.10.
After having opened port 9000 and 9010, the client connects with no problem and I can take advantage of the VPN connection with my Corporate.
But I’m facing an issue: every 5 minutes ZScaler-app performs a restart of the connection. I see the message “BG Restarting service” inside ZSTray logs. Exactly every 5 minutes. With no apparent reason (no more insights from the log). And unfortunately, of course, even if the reconnection is fine in 5 seconds, this causes the disruption of current established connections with VPN resources.
You got any ideas?

Guys, is there no one else who’s experiencing the same behavior?

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My company is using ZScaler to get connection to the workmachines, and i really would LOVE to get involved in beta testing of linux ZScaler, since i really sick with windows mingw. Can i get in?

Thank you.


@microngust , Zscaler package is not distro dependent but the .run file will run and install it on any distro.

@tharcourt , please could you share logs with us to check if its already fixed issue or something new ?
Please share it with @dcreedy over a mail giving all network details on your machine like other vpn solutions running on.
Please attach the logs using “export log” functionality.

Thank you @Brijesh_Singh for the reply.
Today ZScaler app is working like a charm: it’s been 7 hours since the first start and the connection has been stable all the time.
Maybe the yesterday issue was due to some running process or daemon: I need to investigate a bit more. As soon as (and if) it happens again I’ll wrote to @dcreedy to send him logs and system info.
Thanks again

Hi @dcreedy I’m really interested to test the beta too

@tharcourt can you halp me for the beta?


@dcreedy, in my company we’re developing Linux Software for two of our customers which are using Zscaler.

Those are big customers (Kiabi and Suez) with about 1000+ linux devices deployed all around the world, which need to be connected through your Zscaler proxy.

Until now we developed some kind of “hacked” authentication process with a background software which is sending HTTP requests to the authentication form, in order to generate and get the authentication cookies. It works but it may be unreliable in the future.

We would be very interested in testing your beta Linux agent if it is possible :wink:

Thanks a lot, have a nice day.


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Hello, I am interested in testing out the ZApp for Linux beta. Can you please send me an email with a link to test this? Thanks.

@Brijesh_Singh I would also like access to the beta. This is essential to my workflow. Thank you!

can you send me beta linux client please?

Hi , @Brijesh_Singh
I would like access the Zapp for linux beta. Can you send me beta linux client please ?

@dcreedy ? Could I please get the beta?

@dcreedy I would Like access to the ZApp for linux beta. Running ubuntu 20.04LTS desktop

May I ask access the Zapp for linux beta. Can you send me beta linux client please ?

I’m in desperate need of the Zapp for linux beta. Could you send me a beta Linux (Ubuntu 20.04 64bit / Linux 5.8.0-53-generic) client?
Thanks in advance!

I would love to test the beta linux client. Can I get a link for Zapp for linux?
Ubuntu 20.04 64bit with latest hwe kernel.
Thank you.