ZPA ZApp for Linux required

Hi @dcreedy I too would love to try out the beta. Using Ubuntu 20.10

Hi @dcreedy ,

Could our company also get access to xScaler beta? There is a couple of Linux people, and we are finalizing our migration to zScaler.

Hi @dcreedy another linux user asking for a beta access. Thanks a million

Hello. We at IAV Germany (www.iav.com) are also using Zscaler. and we would test the Zscaler App for Linux, please. Thanks

Fred here … also a user of ZPA.
Please I would like to test the Zscaler App for Linux.
Ubuntu 20.04



May I please receive a download link to the Zscaler Linux beta program ? :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help !

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Is there any link to download client for linux @dcreedy ?
I’m using Ubuntu 20.04


Hi David! I’m also extremely interested in this. Could you share how could I get this?

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i’m testing the Zscaler app for linux however, is there a way to login using CLI?

i found the .config.ini file but unclear as how i should conifgure the options -



Could you please share with me the Linux client @dcreedy ?
I’m using Ubuntu 20.04. Happy to provide feedback as well

Thank you!

Hello again guys, what i cant understand: Some folks are testing already Zscaler App for Linux. Is there a public beta, we can test, or what we need to do, to get one?

Most of us, are new users on this forum, so we are not allowed to send private messages.

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Rumor has it the client is available, but it must be requested via support in order to access it

If you look at the product release notes it backs this up, select the linux OS from the drop-down…

I appears to be validated for ubuntu, no mention of other flavours

Thanks for the info Paul!

Siga a Mecalux en

Need access to Client Connector for Linux. Can someone help me get access to the installer?