ZPA ZApp for Linux required

Hi There, is there a way I can join beta testers for the Linux client?


An update from ZScaler would be much appreciated. I can see there not being anything to release but even if it was a “we’re working on it but other projects have higher priority” etc would at least be news. Does anyone know of other companies that do care about Linux users?


Even though I realize this is not a regular year and there may have been understandably shifts in priorities, I actually believe this is a complete missed opportunity from ZScaler. What time could it be better to expand supported platforms than when so may are forced to go into remote working and could benefit so much from having their native OS supported? And honestly, after almost 1 yr has elapsed since this thread started I’ve now lost my hopes that there is actually anyone at ZScaler working on this.


Hi Alex,

We definitely understand the priority, and the team has been working hard on this for most of this year.
I’m excited to say that we are very close to a public beta here and I’ll be updating this thread shortly with more info.

Appreciate the patience from you all as we work on this. We are nearly there!


Early Christmas present of ZApp for Linux?


Please provide a generic client too, not everyone’s running a Ububtu/RH/systemd distribution.

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Hi all,

Appreciate your patience with this!
Public beta is right around the corner, however from this forum I can’t see which company you belong to.
Because this will need some admin configuration for the app profile, if you are interested in testing the beta and providing feedback, can you message me privately here with your company name and an administrative contact. I would then reach out to them to get this setup.





It appears some of the private messaging on the forums are not working. Is there another approach through support perhaps that is available to request access?

We are looking to use CloudReady (www.neverware.com) as well. They should have the option to run Android apps at some point as they were recently acquired by Google. I believe you should be able to redirect the traffic (with no user authentication. not sure if this is a req for you) to zScaler Commercial Cloud (not Gov Cloud) from ChromeOS w/o the need for Zscaler Cloud Connect App.

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Alex yes that may work for ZIA but it would require the client for ZPA.

Any updates on the Linux app?

Hi @Ned_im and welcome to the community! Per @dcreedy post above we’re just kicking off beta now, if you’d like to join please message him per his post, thanks!

Hi David, Andy,

if I try to send you a personal Message I get a message that I’m not allowed to.
I’m interessed in the beta Linux client.
Thank you.

Best regards,

Hi @uf-zpa and others, if you are new on the community the system locks you out from sending private messages until you’ve done enough to prove to the system you’re a real person. If you browse around and read some topics and posts you’ll be given a higher Trust Level by the system and PMs will be available. I’ve created a help article that covers PMs - New users and sending private messages

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David, I cannot privately message you, but I am extremely interested in this. Could you let me know how we can get on board this?

@dcreedy can you please add one of my colleagues - “michielp” - to the beta group ?

Cant seem to private message but we are currently doing a POV of zacaler and Im trying to test the viability of a Linux client before we go live. Any chance to get the client?

hi @dcreedy : also really interested in testing the beta here.
Here we are under Ubuntu, Arch Linux and one with NixOS

hi @dcreedy : hi @dcreedy : also really interested in testing the beta here.
Here we are under Ubuntu 20.04.01

best regards,

Any chance of a more public download of the linux client? My boss is pressing me about the status