ZPA ZApp for Linux required

Hi There, is there a way I can join beta testers for the Linux client?


An update from ZScaler would be much appreciated. I can see there not being anything to release but even if it was a “we’re working on it but other projects have higher priority” etc would at least be news. Does anyone know of other companies that do care about Linux users?


Even though I realize this is not a regular year and there may have been understandably shifts in priorities, I actually believe this is a complete missed opportunity from ZScaler. What time could it be better to expand supported platforms than when so may are forced to go into remote working and could benefit so much from having their native OS supported? And honestly, after almost 1 yr has elapsed since this thread started I’ve now lost my hopes that there is actually anyone at ZScaler working on this.


Hi Alex,

We definitely understand the priority, and the team has been working hard on this for most of this year.
I’m excited to say that we are very close to a public beta here and I’ll be updating this thread shortly with more info.

Appreciate the patience from you all as we work on this. We are nearly there!