ZPA ZApp for Linux required

Just adding a voice for Debian or Ubuntu ARM support. Single board ARM devices like Raspberry PIs make for great 24 hour network monitoring stations so getting Zscaler running on these OS’s to mimic users setups would be perfect. Plus many powerful network diagnosis tools are Linux only.

Hi @dcreedy , also highly interested in Debian buster app (ready also to look if any other distri available).

Hello @dcreedy, was told to message you by my SE about linux beta access but as it appears the same for other folks it’s not possible to DM you on here. :slight_smile: Could you add me to the list please? Thanks!

Thanks @dcreedy, I am interested in Linux beta as well (Fedora 33)

Would love a Ubuntu, or at least a Debian based, version myself.

Me too please! :slight_smile: (Ubuntu/Debian/whatever works on Linux)

Fedora 33 here, would love to have this.
Please add me!

please add me2 :slight_smile:

We are POCing this right now, would help sell the product if it had a linux client. The discussion has been around for a while, is it possible to get an update @dcreedy ? I’m going to have to assume this is not happening at this point and will evaluate accordingly…

what do you mean by “this is not happening at this point“?

I have been running beta code for a few weeks, and so have plenty of other people.

There is a Linux Client Connector, it’s just not yet on General Availability.

What feature are you most interested in? Because ZIA can work also thru tunneling. On the other hand ZPA required a Client Connector, which exists already for Windows and macOS.

Hopefully your client decision on the PoC is NOT only made on whether beta code will be available as GA on a specific date…


The original post was Nov 2019. I read a slew of comments that spanned two years, many of which kept asking for updates on current progress without direct answers. Seems my comment woke the giant! The POC here will probably last less that a month. So if there is a beta out there for linux, how does one obtain it?


I see, @Joe_Rosato!

Well, you have already added @dcreedy to your answer, so I guess that he will soon get in touch with you to add your name to the Linux beta, so your customer can include that into the PoC.

Mind you, it is still BETA code, so there can be issues, and hopefully they would not be blocking for your customer.

BTW, I am not part of the giant, just a happy user and a channel partner, selling and maintaining Zscaler for our customers! :wink:

Bye, Luca

If there’s a Linux beta, count me in @dcreedy :wink:

I am currently working for a big enterprise customer but feeling a bit left out with my Ubuntu 18 machine. Please save me from running Windows, pretty please?

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RHEL, Centos and Ububtu,
Count me in for Beta Testing.

Fedora 33 here.
It would be great to test the Zscaler on Fedora 33.
I can share my experience.

Marcelo Hamati

Dear @dcreedy ,

Please sign me up for the Linux Beta ZScaler client. Fedora, Ubuntu, etc, doesn’t matter.

I’m a Cloud DevOps engineer and I’ve always used Linux workstations since literally 100% of servers I’ve worked with were on Linux.

The customer I’ve recently started my assignment with has Zscaler only option for remote work.

Dear @dcreedy ,
Please include me for ZScaler Linux client download.
Debian or Ubuntu will work the best way here, CentOS is also good.

Thank you!

Hi @dcreedy,

Any update on the Linux beta?

@dcreedy can you please add me to the Beta as well? for Ubuntu 18.04. Thank you!