ZPA ZApp for Linux required

@dcreedy Grateful if you have heard of any successful installations on Amazon Linux 2?
Installing Zscaler-linux- on AL2 I get the following:
Some dependent packages are missing in :
libqt packages

Hi @Sukhwinder ,
Where did you get the link to the .run file ?

From a Zscaler Solution team

I would like to join the Beta with more than 15 users to test with. Is it possible ? We’ve got contact with Zscaler support team.

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Hi @dcreedy ,

I was asked to check with you again if you could grant me access to the private group from which i can download the Linux client connector.

Please let me know at the earliest so that i can do a beta testing and report my findings to my organization!!

@dcreedy could you send me a download link?
I’m using Mint 20 & Ubuntu 20.04

dcreedy can you please add me to the Beta as well? for Ubuntu 18.04. Thank you!

We have Linux Users at Carrier that use Fedora and RHEL/CentOS. Can I get access to the beta Linux client?

@dcreedy My power users use a mix of Centos and Ubuntu. I’d like my firm to join the beta as well. Please email me.

Hey @dcreedy, I did not receive any news from the beta. :frowning:

Hi @dcreedy … A little late to the party, can you include me on the list of people seeking the linux client for my organization (testing at this stage). I have also raised this with my CSM.

Hello, Can we be included in the Beta ZCC ZPA Zapp for linux testing program.

Hi, Please include us also in the beta testing of ZCC for Linux

Hi @dcreedy, would appreciate to be added to the beta as well to allow our research groups to start using Zapp on their laptops.


Hi @dcreedy, I would also really appreciate if I was also added to the beta as I am pretty much blocked on the work I do for my company. I am working on Ubuntu 20.04.


@dcreedy Still no VPN client for linux on GA? In 2021? Seriously?

I’ve been working for a customer of mine for years, using another VPN solution, and I need to use a linux client to do my job. Now that customer decided to switch to zscaler, and it seems that I cannot do my work for them any more. This is simply crazy.

Can I be added to the beta program?


P.S. I’m using Ubuntu 20.04

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Hey @dcreedy I don’t see an option to private message. Our company has just purchased Zscaler and are just starting the implementation to migrate away from OpenVPN and would like to be able to get the Beta Linux client as well because we have several Linux users

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@dcreedy My customer gave me the link where to download the beta linux client. I’ve tried it, but it disconnects after a short time with an “Endpoint FW/AV error”. I tried to look at the logs but they aren’t very helpful. Using a Windows machine in the same network, the windows client works. Who may I refer to to provide feedback and to debug the issue of the beta linux client?

Hi @dcreedy, I’m really interested to use the beta too (Ubuntu 20.04).
Thanks !


This error truly means that something is blocking the ZCC traffic. This can be a Firewall App, AV or any number of applications running on the system. It can also mean the 100.64.0.x is not allowed to route on the system.